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It is YouTuber and comedian Baptiste Lorber’s turn to be featured in this new season of the humanitarian series produced by SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL. In South Sudan, Baptiste will spend a week immersed with our teams in the village of Aburoc, where they provide drinking water to about ten thousand people who have fled their lands to escape the fighting. How do they survive despite drought and destitution? What will happen to these forgotten people if SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL had to leave due to the lack of resources? The young man will testify to the urgency of their situation and try to bring those meets closer to our screens and our concerns.

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Involved in some fifteen countries, our 2,000 aid workers witness the injustice of wars and natural disasters on a daily basis, but also the courage shown by humans.

It is from this duty to bear witness that “With Your Own Eyes” was born.

The first humanitarian series takes you, through the eyes of a celebrity, into the field of the most severe crises. To meet those who have to face them, and the humanitarian workers who support them.

An adventure lived up close with our teams in the field, as close as possible to the needs.

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South Sudan

Season 4

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This season is currently in production

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