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An uncompromising commitment


“The first response to human suffering must be solidarity.” SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was born on this idea in 1980. Since then, our humanitarian commitment has never wavered. Specialized in access to drinking water, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams fight every day to access and help those whose health or even their lives are threatened. A dignified and vital humanitarian aid, provided in person and without any other consideration than that of needs, to more than 4 million people each year, who often suffer off radar, far from political or media attention: in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, the DR Congo, Nigeria…


The web-series


Involved in some twenty countries, our 2,000 aid workers witness the injustice of wars and natural disasters on a daily basis, but also the courage shown by humans.

It is from this duty to bear witness that “De Vos Propres Yeux*” was born.

The first humanitarian series takes you, through the eyes of a celebrity, into the field of the most severe crises. To meet those who have to face them, and the humanitarian workers who support them.

An adventure lived up close with our teams in the field, as close as possible to the needs.

*With Your Own Eyes

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Season 5


For the 5th season of its humanitarian web series, De Vos Propres Yeux*, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is taking the positive and inspiring influencer Julie Bourges, aka “Douze Fevrier“, to Colombia to meet the caminantes and the humanitarians who help them along their exodus.

The caminantes, literally “those who walk”, are Venezuelans who have fled the serious political and economic crisis in their home country.

They walk hundreds of kilometres, leaving everything behind and braving many dangers.

Neighbouring Colombia is sometimes their final destination and sometimes a stopover before they head to another country. Many shelters have been opened there, offering hundreds of caminantes something to survive on a daily basis. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL supports several of these local structures in Colombia by providing expertise in access to water, sanitation and hygiene and by distributing food.

Discover, through Julie’s eyes, the story and daily life of these caminantes and those who dedicate their lives to them.

*With Your Own Eyes

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In Colombia

Our action

Since 2014, the political crisis, insecurity and limited access to basic necessities have caused more than a quarter of the Venezuelan population to flee. Many have left on foot, to neighbouring Colombia, which is now home to nearly 1.7 million of them so far. They are called caminantes, literally “those who walk”.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams are present in Colombia to assist their local partners in managing six independent shelters by providing expertise in access to water, sanitation and hygiene and by carrying out food distributions.

Our NGO cooperates with Marta Duque, whose house in Pamplona is a major shelter for migrant populations, and Alba Pereira, a Venezuelan chef who is dedicated to supporting her community on the move, in the city of Bucaramanga. Their shelters not only provide caminantes with basic commodities, they also serve as an emotional support throughout their harsh journey.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been able to put its field experience and know-how at the service of these citizens and solidarity initiatives to help the ever-increasing number of caminantes in their quest for a more dignified life.

Our actions on the ground