An uncompromising commitment


“The first response to human suffering must be solidarity.” SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was born on this idea in 1980. Since then, our humanitarian commitment has never wavered. Specialized in access to drinking water, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams fight every day to access and help those whose health or even their lives are threatened. A dignified and vital humanitarian aid, provided in person and without any other consideration than that of needs, to more than 4 million people each year, who often suffer off radar, far from political or media attention: in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, the DR Congo, Nigeria…

The web-series


Involved in more than twenty countries, our 2,500 aid workers witness the injustice of wars and natural disasters on a daily basis, but also the courage shown by humans.

It is from this duty to bear witness that “De Vos Propres Yeux*” was born.

The first humanitarian series takes you, through the eyes of a celebrity, into the field of the most severe crises. To meet those who have to face them, and the humanitarian workers who support them.

An adventure lived up close with our teams in the field, as close as possible to the needs.

*With Your Own Eyes

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Season 6


People living in shantytowns and squats in France are confronted with unworthy and dangerous living conditions. Every day, they have to fight against cold, humidity, insalubrity, lack of drinking water, electricity cuts or evictions. 

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL works with people living in precarious housing sites to guarantee them safe access to drinking water, decent toilets, and basic hygiene products. 

Alarmed by the precariousness that persists year after year, our NGO wished to speak loudly and clearly about these forgotten lives. It therefore invited the actor Roschdy Zem to participate in the 6th season of its humanitarian series and to come and meet Florina, Catalina, Magdalena and Patrice, who live in these shanty towns and squats. 

Through his eyes and his words, Roschdy gives an echo to their daily hardships.

In France

Our action

Since March 2020, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been working in France with people living in precarious housing sites who have limited access to drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene. 

These living conditions expose them to major health risks: extremely long water fetches and crossing of roads, consumption of non-drinking water, water-borne diseases, menstrual precariousness, skin diseases… 

In response to this alarming situation, our teams are connecting people to drinking water, installing toilets, and distributing soap and hygiene kits in many shantytowns and squats throughout France. Even if this may seem trivial, the final objective of these activities is the social integration of the people we accompany and the reduction of the unfit housing in which they survive. 

At the same time, our NGO carries out technical advocacy actions aiming at a transformation of the public policy in this field to guarantee access to water and sanitation for all.

Our actions on the ground