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An uncompromising commitment


“The first response to human suffering must be solidarity.” SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL was born on this idea in 1980. Since then, our humanitarian commitment has never wavered. Specialized in access to drinking water, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams fight every day to access and help those whose health or even their lives are threatened. A dignified and vital humanitarian aid, provided in person and without any other consideration than that of needs, to more than 4 million people each year, who often suffer off radar, far from political or media attention: in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, the DR Congo, Nigeria…


The web-series


Involved in some fifteen countries, our 2,000 aid workers witness the injustice of wars and natural disasters on a daily basis, but also the courage shown by humans.

It is from this duty to bear witness that “With Your Own Eyes” was born.

The first humanitarian series takes you, through the eyes of a celebrity, into the field of the most severe crises. To meet those who have to face them, and the humanitarian workers who support them.

An adventure lived up close with our teams in the field, as close as possible to the needs.

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Season 2


The second season of With Your Own Eyes takes us to Cameroon, on the Central African border, where tens of thousands of people have taken refuge after fleeing the war in their country. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL welcomed comedian Donel Jack’sman to offer him an immersive experience in the Gado refugee camp and neighbouring villages. For a week, Donel shared the daily life of the refugees and the Cameroonians who host them.

“There, I discovered revolting situations. People who do not receive enough food to feed the whole family, women who give birth without anaesthesia, young children who have only the skin on their bones. I was able to see with my own eyes the courage of the people who left everything to save their lives and who are holding on thanks to the hope of returning home & thanks to the work of the humanitarian workers.”

Donel Jack’sman

The episodes

In Cameroon

Our action

Since the end of 2013, the civilian population of CAR has been severely affected by the civil war. Thousands of people have died. More than one million people have had to flee their homes, or more than one in five people. More than 570,000 of them had no choice but to leave the country, including 260,000 in Cameroon.
SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL operates in the Gado area where 25,000 people live. They started with the most urgent: the construction of hygiene infrastructure such as latrines, showers, and even a solar-powered water network. Today, humanitarian teams, some of whom are originally refugees, are working to empower the camp population by training them in new skills to generate an income.

Our actions on the ground